Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is ParkStone?

ParkStone, the business is a local manufacturing company who opened to the public as a factory direct outlet in Union County February of 2008. Prior to that time, we specialized in custom orders for projects in Portland and Eugene.

2. Where can I see ParkStone?

The factory is located in the city of Union, 15 miles east of La Grande, Oregon.  You can call to arrange a showing at the factory at any time by calling Dave at 541-910-3211.  You may also see our sample boards at the Home Comfort Hearth & Patio shop in Southern Oregon.  (166 South Main St. in Phoenix, Oregon)  See the stone, then call Dave for more information.  Home Comfort has been kind enough to let us use part of their fireplace showroom, but does not sell or distribute the stone.

3. How can I get ParkStone?

You can pick up your stone at the factory in Eastern Oregon or have it delivered to you.  We deliver across  I-84 and all the way down I-5 every four to six weeks.  If you arrange your delivery on a regularly scheduled trip, the delivery fee is very reasonable.  The delivery fee varies depending on the your location, timing and quantity of stone.  Please call Dave at 541-910-3211 for more information. 

4. What is ParkStone?

ParkStone, the product is manufactured stone for your home or business. It has the look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the cost, with many advantages over the original. Each piece is hand-crafted and available in custom colors.

5. Why ParkStone versus natural stone?

ParkStone is a high-quality stone with a realistic look and feel. It is lightweight, so no need for the wall ties or footings required by natural stone. Labor cost for installation is much lower for manufactured stone and is suitable for the professional mason or the do-it-yourselfer. ParkStone offers the strength and durability of natural stone in non-structural settings. Instantly improves your curb-appeal at a fraction of the cost of natural stone.

6. What is ParkStone made of?

ParkStone is made of cement, lightweight aggregate, iron oxide pigments and a proprietary ad-mix specially formulated for the freeze-thaw cycles of the Pacific Northwest.

7. How is ParkStone Eco-Friendly?

We practice environmentally conscience methods to produce and sell our stone.  We bought and recycled an old logging   truck shop in Union into our factory and warehouse using energy saving products (still a work in progress).  We re-use our boxes and padding  materials, encouraging customers to return materials when finished.  A percentage of the cement in our proprietary mix is replaced with fire-ash, a bi-product of the coal industry which is usually sent to the landfill.  It is a great additive to the manufactured product resulting in greater strength when cured, better pigment absorption, sharper detail, more resistant to chemical attacks and less likely to crack. Fly ash was first used in the US in 1929 for the Hoover Dam. Using fly ash conserves energy by reducing the demand for typical pavement materials such as lime, cement and crushed stone, which take energy to produce. Each ton of fly ash used to replace a ton of cement, for example, saves the equivalent of nearly one barrel of imported oil. Also less greenhouse gases are produced that would otherwise contribute to global warming. Every ton of ash reused in cement products equates to nearly a ton of CO2 savings.  We use no harmful chemicals or additives in the production of our stone.  Our colors are natural pigments from the earth. ParkStone is sustainable, fire proof, insulating and virtually maintenance free.   Why use up our natural resources?

8.  Where can I put ParkStone?

ParkStone can be installed on virtually any structurally sound surface with proper preparation.


Ideal for fireplaces; it can face an old one or start new without any structural changes to support the stone (which is required with natural stone.  Matching hearthstones are available.

Often used in kitchens for an olde-world look or for accent walls in any room.

ParkStone has been used for shower surrounds for a rustic "natural" feel, but requires the same waterproofing and cement backer board as tile showers. (We recommend sealing stone for ease of cleaning)


Stone veneer siding turns any project into a high-end look.

Face your pillars and light posts using corner pieces.

Matching corner pieces for all stone styles, post caps, wall caps, trim, wainscoting ledge, and other accessories contribute to the natural look.

Outdoor fireplace or grill surround.

Retaining wall facing or veneer (non-structural).

Please see installation instruction link for details.

9. I am not a contractor, can I still get the factory direct price?

Factory Direct Pricing: Cost is same for contractor or home owner. We require 25% non-refundable deposit at time of order and payment in full prior to pick up from factory. Your sales order will state estimated date order will be ready if custom order or available now if in stock. If you have arranged to have your mason or other person to pick up, please make arrangements for payment in advance.

10. I'm in a hurry; can I take the stone before it is fully cured?

Curing Time: ParkStone recommends a 28 day cycle for full curing of manufactured stone products. If you request to pick up the order prior to full curing, be advised that it is at your own risk, cannot be returned and will void the warranty. Even though we take extra care with padding between each layer of stone, there is an increased risk with handling and transport when not fully cured. The stones will be heavier when fresh and the color will be darker. You may find moisture between the layers due to the inherent property of concrete during curing; this is desirable for slow cure. Do not lay out in dry, hot weather when freshly poured to quick cure as this may cause undesirable effects.

11. I dripped mortar on the stone; can I use Mauriac Acid to clean it?

Clean Up: Do not use Mauriac Acid to clean mortar from manufactured stone surfaces! Dry brush (with a medium bristle brush, not wire) all mortar drips as they begin to dry, waiting no longer than 3-4 hours to clean. Do not use high pressure power washer.

12. Do I have to apply a sealer to finished stone?

Sealer: Not required. If you prefer sealer on areas for easier cleaning i.e. fireplace, backsplash, etc. you may do so with a quality stone sealer, only after fully dried. Be aware that some sealers will affect the color; most gloss sealers will darken the product. Be sure to test on a scrap piece of stone.

13. Do you have color pigments for my mortar or grout mix?

Colored mortar: We recommend using colored mortar for “quick-fit” styles or “dry-stack” applications (any style without grout)to blend with the base color of the stone. This also helps reduce clean up time. Matching iron oxide pigments are available from ParkStone for mortar or grout.

14.Can you install the stone for me?

Installation: We are not professional masons, but would be happy to share a list of local masons who are experienced with manufactured stone. Some stone styles are easier than others to install for the handy do-it-yourself person, please see our easy-to-follow installation instructions

15. What do I do with all the boxes and pallets when finished?

Packaging materials: We request boxes and pallets are returned to the factory to help keep our factory direct prices low and reduce the load on landfills. Our boxes can be recycled several times, saving our natural resources.

16.  Do you have a warranty?

Yes, new ParkStone veneer will be provided (free of charge) to replace any ParkStone product that has been determined to be a manufacturing defect. This warranty covers ParkStone product only, and does not include labor or replacement costs. ParkStone is not warranted against airborne or waterborne contaminants, damage or staining caused by chemicals, oxidation or paint.  ParkStone is not warranted against damage caused from settlement or movement of the substrate surface over which it is applied. This limited lifetime warranty is transferable to new owners.

ParkStone products are handmade. No two stones will be exactly alike.  As in natural stone, color and thickness may vary. Even though pictures in the brochure and website are as close as possible to our actual stone images, variations are possible. Be sure to view sample boards prior to ordering. Use constitutes acceptance.

17. Do you take returns?

ParkStone Return Policy: As ParkStone has no control over the stone once it has left our factory, we are no longer able to accept returns.  Please refer to our tips on measuring for your project on the installation instructions page and rest assured that your stone is 100% new, not picked-through leftovers from a jobsite.

18. Can my business open an account?

Credit Policy: An established business in the building trade with good credit may apply for an account. If accepted, (per signed Credit Agreement and Personal Guarantee) all invoices not paid by the 10th day of the month are considered delinquent and will be charged a finance charge of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance.

Our credit agreement is with you the builder, contractor or mason (not your customer) and requires payment in a timely manner regardless of the status of you receiving payment for said job. We hope to avoid exercising the “Notice of Right to Lien” law and require name and address of property owner at time of pick up from factory. See credit application for full disclosure.


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